Published on

December 10, 2019


Nick Halliday

Rockwell Automation is a provider of industrial automation and information technology. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rockwell’s products include control systems, industrial control components, information software, motor control devices, sensing devices, network technology, safety technology, and industrial security.

PTL’s melters use smart machine technologies from Rockwell Automation, and a new case study on the Rockwell global website features our melters in detail, with emphasis on:

  • Ease of use
  • Smart machine technology
  • Safety, hygiene and flexibility

“The PTL melters are smart machines with I/O Link Technology and control devices connected on the EtherNet/IP network,” says Rockwell’s Industry Manager, Prasad Nory. “This makes troubleshooting very easy with advanced diagnostics available in real time both locally and remotely.”

“PTL work predominantly in export markets, so partnering with a global company that has a strong knowledge and presence in the local market is critical to delivering innovative, functional machinery,” says PTL’s Managing Director, Nick Halliday. “Partnering with Rockwell as an OEM partner has provided PTL with expertise and technical support, as well as market exposure that offers real value to both PTL and the customer. Support is aligned with in-market need and as technology grows and evolves, PTL are able to continue to evolve their unique offering of innovative and collaboratively designed machinery.”

Learn more about PTL’s melters, including how the flexibility of your melter can increase efficiency and maximise production.