Chocolate melter engineering and design specifications

How do we guarantee you’ll have excellent ROI? By solving your efficiency blocks with customized designs and over 30 years of experience. Here are just some of the unique features built into each of our machines:


PTL melters only require power, air and water.

Safe, simple toolless changeovers

The melters are designed to make changeovers fast and simple, without needing tools.

Designed for simplicity

Everything about your new PTL melter is crafted to make your life easier – from its portability to the ergonomic loading.

Powerful: 125% higher melt rates

The revolutionary design delivers instant melting and continuous process supply to increase downstream production without large
chocolate tanks.

Compact: significantly smaller footprint

Self-contained, portable, and compact – your melter can be located next to the use-point to avoid long pipe runs and large tanks.

Flexible: changeovers transformed

Make it easier to switch masses/coatings fast, with a removable melt grid, wash-down design, and fast, simple cleaning.

Seamless installations and startups

Customized melters are just the start.

Project planning and management

Our expert team makes it painless to plan and install your new equipment.

Access to technical expertise

Get fast answers to your questions from our responsive technical team – they know our machinery and they know chocolate.

Training and ongoing support

Upskill your team and realize full ROI faster with training and ongoing support from PTL.

Melter specifications

Use the table below to estimate possible melt rates of chips or buttons and blocks – from small (10lbs) to one ton. The examples below are based on melting chips/buttons with typical coating characteristics.





66.92" x 46.85"
(1700 x 1190mm)

91.46" x 80.71"
(2323 x 2050mm)

157.48" x 80.71"
(4000 x 2050mm)

Melt rate range

Up to 1100 Ib/hr
(500 kg/hr)(Product dependent)

Up to 3190 Ib/hr
(1450 kg/hr)(Product dependent)

Up to 6380 Ib/hr
(2900 kg/hr)(Product dependent)

KW/Heating capacity

Up to 36 KW

Up to 36 KW

Up to 72 KW

Priming time. (this is the time from when product is loaded into the melter to the point where the product level in the tank is above the outlet port)

15-20 minutes

15-20 minutes

15-20 minutes

Typical cleaning time. (this incudes both a hot water wash down with detergent and hand cleaning as required, followed by the time for the machine to dry ready for the next product)

3 hours

3.5 hours

5 hours

Frequently asked questions

Want to know more? Get a better understanding of our melters with these FAQs..

1. What is the cleaning / changeover procedure:

  • Remove the melt head onto the wash-down trolley.
  • Scrape down tank and stirrer to remove any bulk buildup of product. Use the quick-access stirrer seal removal to make this simpler.
  • Use a high-pressure hot water hose to hose down inside all product-contact areas.
  • Turn the stirrer by hand, once the seal is removed.
  • Hose melt head in the washroom.
  • Carry out sanitizing procedures.
  • Reassemble the machine and turn the heating back on for faster drying.

2: What is the maximum allowable temperature for melting and maintaining the product?

It can melt product at any temperature up to 80C (175F). Melted product in the holding tank below can also be maintained at temperatures of up to 60C (140F).

3: What is the time delay from machine start-up to production, i.e. time for the system to heat up ready for use?

It takes approximately 40 minutes to heat up. The product can be used as soon as the volume of melted product is above the pump suction outlet, and there is enough to fill the processing system.

4: Can I connect the melter to an existing product pipeline in our factory?

Yes, the product outlet will connect to existing process equipment (with a triclover or your preferred connection). The melter also includes a triclover connection at the rear of the tank for product return to the melter, if required.

5: Do you offer any downstream process equipment to connect to this, e.g. product pipeline, process pump?

Yes, we offer several types of product delivery systems from the melter to your existing equipment. These include product filters and magnets, pumps, jacketed pipelines and sieve systems.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.

6: How long will it take to train new factory employees to use the melter?

The operation and changeover tasks on the melter are simple and intuitive, so factory workers can operate the machine after a short training session. PTL provides detailed instructions on the melter functions, and ongoing support for your machine when needed.

7: How many workers are needed to operate and/or clean this machine?

For normal operation, you’ll only need one worker to load product onto the grid and/or adjust the machine settings. We recommend having two workers available during changeover of the melt grid and removal of the stirrer.

8: Are there any difficult-to-reach areas, or laminate faces, that prevent the machine being fully allergen cleaned?

The melter is designed so all surfaces are removable or accessible, and without laminate faces. It has removable components to improve cleaning so you can meet strict allergen requirements. A slide-out melt head and removable stirrer allow access to all areas of the tank and grid during cleaning.

9: Can I customize the size and shape of the machine to suit my factory requirements?

We offer three standard sizes of the melter V20 (S1, S3, and D3), but if these don’t suit your requirements, please get in touch to discuss custom options.

10: What is the tank volume?

S3-V20 = Tank volume is 445 litres / 535 kg chocolate. Other sizes can be confirmed on request.

11: Are the tank and melt grid on separate heating controls?

Yes, they are independent control zones.

12: What over-temperature protection is in place?

The water heating has a safety cut out temperature setting for both zones.

13: What feed/loading options are available?

  • Bulk bag gantry for gravity feed of wafers from super sacks.
  • Bulk tote dumping stations and feeding conveyors for wafers from totes or bulk drums.
  • Bag dump stations and feeding conveyors for wafers from boxes and bags.
  • Manual loading.

14: What is the advantage of a PTL melter over a kettle/tank?

It has a much smaller foot-print, but provides more power, faster priming, increased flexibility, easier access for cleaning and better availability of molten product. It’s portable, so you can also locate it next to the use point.

15: Will the holding tank overflow if it’s already full and there is product still on the melt grid?

No. The tank high level sensor will shut down the melt grid heating at the selected height.

16: Is the electric water heating system included as standard?

Yes. We can also use other heat sources if preferred, such as gas, plant hot water, and steam.

17: What products can we melt in the V20?

The melter is specifically designed for chocolate and compound chips, wafer, buttons and small blocks. However you can also melt cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, shortening and other fats in small and large block form (up to 1 ton).

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