Chocolate enrobers

PTL enrobers represent truly exceptional chocolate-coating technology – remove the carriage, tank, pump, and filter system without the use of tools for quick and easy cleaning to boost flexibility, speed and efficiency. You’ll also have options to decorate, full and bottom-coat with incredible accuracy. If you’re running a non-enrobed product through your enrober, a flat-belt carriage can be interchanged with a wire-belt carriage.

V20 industrial chocolate melters

With removable grids, our melters are easy to clean for fast changeovers, supercharging your SKU proliferation. The continuous, high-speed melting of chocolate, compound liquor, butter, or fats will boost your production capacity, while the self-contained heating systems make them uniquely flexible. The bottom tank has its own heating system so it can be used for storage or as a delivery tank. When you need higher melt capacity or are melting two products, there are the double head units.

Melter Machinery
Sieve System closeup

Sieve systems

Bar production often sees certain products, such as granola bars and cookies, clogging up your enrober. With the PTL sieve system, all enrobing chocolate is pumped through a vibratory sieve and returned to the melter tank for re-use. This means you have less wastage and more efficiency.


PTL wash-down temperers let you accurately set up the formation of stable cocoa butter crystals, giving you a glossy finished product with a hard snap. Extremely accurate temperature control delivers an ideal temper for consistent output and longer shelf life. The unique design and all-stainless-steel construction allow fast and simple allergen cleaning, and easy transitions between product type. Get added flexibility with two-zone temperer cooling and reheating, and the unit has internal refrigeration so is easily moved.

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