Bar machinery testimonials and success stories

Designing and delivering new machinery isn’t the mark of a successful project. It’s when our clients start seeing the boosts in efficiency and profit.
Here are just some of those happy clients.



“The sanitary design and build quality of the melter is second-to-none. What’s obvious is the amount of time and thought that has been put into all aspects of the machine.”

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“It was a great experience. The quality of the equipment is superior, as was the support.”

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Hearthside Foods

Hearthside Foods

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage. By being open to our modifications and design change requests, we can create superior solutions for customers and gain increased flexibility in our operations. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

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Creating Together: an open, collaborative, responsive process

Our uniquely collaborative approach means your input is as valuable as our expertise. Starting from our existing designs, we tailor our bar machinery to you. The result? Fit-for-purpose machinery with features tested over thirty years. We call it Creating Together.It’s an approach that delivers performance in everything from hygienic design and cleaning to optimum safety, waste reduction, product consistency, and ease of operation. Here’s how it works.

Defining your challenge

Assessing your goals and challenges ensures we understand what you need from your equipment.


You’ll meet with PTL to discuss your application, contractual requirements, budgets, and timelines, all under strict confidentiality. You’ll also be taken through how we approach unique design and build applications.


After a kick-off meeting with you, our team goes to work. They’ll consider your space, workflow, goals, and existing equipment to produce basic models, sketches, layouts, and process-flow diagrams for you to review.


You’ll have the chance to review the designs, and work with the PTL team to make any adjustments, so you know it will suit you exactly.

Design Approval

Happy? Give us your sign-off and we’ll move on to the next step.

Manufacturing Process

Using our refined and tested manufacturing processes, we’ll manufacture your equipment to exact specifications

Installation, commissioning, and training

We’ll train your team and work with you to ensure the installation, testing, and production start-up run smoothly..

Ongoing Support

Get help and support any time from our
responsive team.

Let the data speak – excellent ROI

Our customers get impressive ROI on any investment in PTL equipment. That’s delivered through a mix of cost-efficiency, custom design, and smart automation features.The numbers don’t lie – use our calculator to find out what ROI you could expect when you switch to PTL bar machinery.

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