Alleviate production pressures

With a uniquely collaborative design process and a highly-engaged support team, we created our industrial melters to deliver true value to your production.

Increase your
production output and capacity

Eliminate bottlenecks in your production line

Produce more SKUs with
shorter lifecycles

Revolutionize the way you melt

Streamline production, enjoy exceptional day-to-day efficiency, and earn a huge return on your investment. Here’s how:


Boost melt rates

Improve efficiency – revolutionary chocolate technology delivers instant melting and continuous process supply to increase downstream production.


Reduce footprint

Compact, portable, and self-contained means you can plug and play next to the use-point and avoid long pipe runs.


Transform changeovers

Add to your SKUs, not your downtime, with a removable melt grid, wash-down design, excellent allergen management, and fast, simple cleaning.

Why the Melter V20

Modular melter

The V20 is the result of months of R&D after consultations and problem-solving with multinationals and co-manufacturers. The outcome is a more powerful, flexible melter, enabling our customers to increase production, lower costs, and be more agile.

30 years of melting innovation

After 30 years of collaboration with world-leading co-manufacturers, our real-world knowledge and feedback have helped us redefine what a commercial chocolate melter should deliver.

Modular melters

Success in the bar and chocolate industry

For us, innovation isn’t the goal – it’s when our clients see boosts in productivity and efficiency because of it. Here are just some of the clients who have seen that success.

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“The sanitary design and build quality of the melter is second-to-none. What’s obvious is the amount of time and thought that has been put into all aspects of the machine.”

Mike Berko

Project Engineer



“It was a great experience. The quality of the equipment is superior, as was the support.”

Jeff Hull, Director

Research & Development

Hearthside Foods

Hearthside Foods

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage. By being open to our modifications and design change requests, we can create superior solutions for customers and gain increased flexibility in our operations. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

Fred Grep

Director of Engineering

Schulze & Burch

Schulze & Burch

“Working with PTL is the benchmark for how we expect to work with other vendors. Their biggest standout is their ability to rapidly deal with issues and adjust with changes when needed.”

Steve Egizio

Director of Technical Services

Tradition Fine Foods

Tradition Fine Foods

“They are a responsive, proactive and proven solution partner. PTL stands behind their equipment and ensures their customers’ success.”

Thomas Glowczewski


National Foodworks Services

National Foodworks Services

“The reliability of this line is of paramount importance as it drives 95% of our revenue.”

Matt Dausman


Tasti Products

Tasti Products

“PTL are always helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable.”

Robin Peach

Capital Projects Manager

The V20 specs

Melting tanks should fit your space and needs – not the other way around. The PTL Melter V20 has been designed to be more compact and flexible than any chocolate melting tank you’ve worked with before.

Melting capacity

  • Up to 125% higher melt rate
  • Varies depending on mass
  • Example rates can be provided on request
  • Rates confirmed after testing


  • Up to 45% smaller footprint
  • S1 model-Width 1.70m [67″] x Depth 1.19m [47″]
  • S3 model-Width 2.32m [91″] x Depth 1.81m [71″]
  • D3 model-Width 3.99m [157″] x Depth 1.81m [71″]
  • Plus custom sizes


  • Chocolate
  • Compound
  • Cocoa liquor
  • Cocoa butter
  • Dairy butter
  • Shortening
  • Various other fats


  • Chips/wafers/buttons
  • Blocks
  • One-ton blocks (different melter design)

Accessibility for cleaning and changeovers

The PTL Melter V20’s grid melting system can be broken down into components for easy cleaning and maintenance.

More compact, flexible, and powerful than traditional melt tanks

If you’re feeling the pressure on your production, you can easily improve efficiency and profits by upgrading your chocolate melting system to the PTL Melter V20. We’ve compared the V20 with traditional models here:

Melter v20 render

PTL Melter V20

Instant supply
Small footprint
Suitable for multiple coatings

Kettles tanks render

Kettle/tanks, with use tank

Batch operation
Priming required
Large footprint
Complex pipework
Suitable for single coating per tank

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