You get more from PTL

Every piece of slab line equipment can be custom-designed to solve your efficiency blocks, based on our over thirty years of experience. This delivers excellent ROI, with these specs built into every barline and individual machine.

Modular design for maximum flexibility

Whether you need a full production slab line or individual machines, our modular design gives you more flexibility now and in the future

Industry best practice

Your new equipment will meet all regulations, delivering to industry best practices around cleaning, materials, and hygienic design.

Increased output,
less waste

Our high-performance slab forming machinery can, on average, produce over 2000 bars per minute, with impressive features that keep waste to a minimum.

Handle more SKUs simply

Our slab line equipment’s exceptional flexibility minimizes the time and waste of swapping between SKUs.

Basic service requirements

To service PTL slab forming machinery, you’ll need only what you already have in your plant: power, air, and water.

slab line widths

Have us customize your slab line width or choose from three core slab line widths: 16”, 24”, and 36”.

Safe, simple toolless changeovers

The bar forming equipment is designed to make changeovers fast and simple, without needing tools.

Slab forming machinery designed for simplicity

Everything about your new PTL slab forming machinery makes your life easier, from the unique design of the lane spreaders to the easily-cleaned guillotines and tunnels.

Seamless slab line installations and startups

Ensure the installation and start-up go without a hitch with the support of our expert team.

Project planning and management

Our expert team makes it painless to plan and install your new equipment

Access to technical expertise

Get fast answers to your questions from our responsive technical team – they know our machinery and they know bars.

Training and ongoing support

Upskill your people and realize full ROI faster, with training and ongoing support from PTL.


Use the table below to estimate possible production outputs from our lines. We’ve used typical figures for belt speeds. A bars-per-minute rate is given for a bar size of 1.25 x 2.5 inches.

16" slab

24" slab

36" slab

Bars per linear meter of belt




Scenario 1

Belt speed ft/min




Bars per minute




Cooling tunnel length (ft)-8 mins of cooling




Scenario 2

Belt speed ft/min




Bars per minute




Cooling tunnel length (ft)-5 mins of cooling




Frequently asked questions

If you don’t find the information you need here, reach out to our team, any time.

1. What are the cleaning and changeover procedures for your equipment?

All PTL equipment is designed for your particular factory to enable easy cleaning and lightning-fast changeovers. Each module comes with picture-mapped sanitation details.

2. Do you supply standalone machines as well as full barlines?

Yes. We supply single (modular, integrated, or engineered) machines and can also collaborate with you to automate existing equipment.

3. How many workers are needed to operate and/or clean this machine?

All our equipment is designed to make it easy to use. From forming to packing, you’ll typically need only two or three operators, and some lines can be operated with just one person.

4. What size barlines do you make?

We can create machinery to suit any barline size, but our most common slab widths are 16”, 24”, and 36”.

5. Can I customize the design to suit my factory requirements?

Yes – our slab line machinery and full slab lines are modular and can be adapted to suit your existing space, lines, and workflows.

6. What services or utilities are required to run a PTL line?

Your site will need electricity, chilled glycol, factory heating (depending on the forming-process requirement), compressed air, and hot potable water for belt washers.

7. What products can we make on the PTL barline?

You can make almost any bar type on PTL machinery including nut, protein, granola, and candy – with, or without chocolate coatings or bottoms. If you have a product in mind, we can help you create it.

8. Is the equipment easy to use, even for semi-skilled operators?

Yes. We take pride in designing slab line machinery and full slab lines that are user-friendly and easy to operate, from the engineer to the operator.

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