Creating Together: an open, collaborative, responsive process

We tailor our melters to you to create fit-for-purpose melters with features tested, refined, and improved over thirty years. It’s an approach that delivers performance in everything from hygienic design and cleaning to optimum safety, waste reduction, product consistency, and ease of operation.

Defining your challenge

Assessing your goals and challenges ensures we understand what you need from your equipment.


You’ll meet with PTL to discuss your application, contractual requirements, budgets, and timelines, all under strict confidentiality. You’ll also be taken through how we approach unique design and build applications.


After a kick-off meeting with you, our team goes to work. They’ll consider your space, workflow, goals, and existing equipment to produce basic models, sketches, layouts, and process-flow diagrams for you to review.


You’ll have the chance to review the designs, and work with the PTL team to make any adjustments, so you know it will suit you exactly..

Design approval

Happy? Give us your sign-off and we’ll move on to the next step.

Manufacturing process

Using our refined and tested manufacturing processes, we’ll manufacture your equipment to exact specifications.

Installation, commissioning, and training

We’ll train your team and work with you to ensure the installation, testing, and production start-up run smoothly.

Ongoing support

Get help and support any time from our responsive team.

PTL grid melters, adapted to suit you

The industry is moving fast – our approach will keep your manufacturing process ahead of the game


Talk to our team of specialists

We get clear on what you need, so the solution suits you exactly.


Your requirements designed

Our expert team translates your needs into machinery designs for you to approve.


Manufactured to suit you

We create your fit-for-purpose machinery to schedule and to suit your needs.

Why customizable melters?

Generic always equals compromise. To create powerful and efficient solutions, we adapt to suit you. Here’s how.

Modular Melter Machinery

Fit into existing lines

Avoid the inconvenience and cost of modifying your equipment. Our new melter works seamlessly with what you already have.

Address your particular
pain point

Machinery that doesn’t fit your unique needs may cost you more down the line. With PTL, you’ll work with the same experts who designed the V20 – their highly collaborate process will result in a melter that solves your production bottlenecks without compromising efficiency.

Melting machinery

Get ahead of your competitors

Reliable, supported, and extremely efficient, PTL chocolate machinery will help you boost production and SKUs.

Success in the bar and chocolate industry

For us, innovation isn’t the goal – it’s when our clients see boosts in productivity and efficiency because of it. Here are just some of the clients who have seen that success.

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“The sanitary design and build quality of the melter is second-to-none. What’s obvious is the amount of time and thought that has been put into all aspects of the machine.”

Mike Berko

Project Engineer



“It was a great experience. The quality of the equipment is superior, as was the support.”

Jeff Hull, Director

Research & Development

Hearthside Foods

Hearthside Foods

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage. By being open to our modifications and design change requests, we can create superior solutions for customers and gain increased flexibility in our operations. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

Fred Grep

Director of Engineering

Schulze & Burch

Schulze & Burch

“Working with PTL is the benchmark for how we expect to work with other vendors. Their biggest standout is their ability to rapidly deal with issues and adjust with changes when needed.”

Steve Egizio

Director of Technical Services

Tradition Fine Foods

Tradition Fine Foods

“They are a responsive, proactive and proven solution partner. PTL stands behind their equipment and ensures their customers’ success.”

Thomas Glowczewski


National Foodworks Services

National Foodworks Services

“The reliability of this line is of paramount importance as it drives 95% of our revenue.”

Matt Dausman


Tasti Products

Tasti Products

“PTL are always helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable.”

Robin Peach

Capital Projects Manager

Our commitment to you

We’ve grown a sustainable, cutting-edge company over 30 years. How? By listening to you.
Our approach to design and manufacturing focuses on what you need, then adapting our methods to make it work.

Purposeful innovation

Innovation is in our DNA, but everything we do connects to your needs – we work with you to create improvements to boost your efficiency and productivity.

Global reach

We work with businesses around the world, including in the US and Canada for support when you need it, expertise online, and spare parts delivered fast.

Collaborative partnership

Whatever’s happening in your business, we’re there to help with ongoing technical support and direct access to our technical team.

Get in touch.

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We’re ready to take your call.

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Questions and queries

Get in touch to discuss anything to do with the bar and chocolate industries.

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