Founding story

We’ve been making chocolate and bar manufacturing equipment with our global partners for over 30 years. Our focus is on growing our design expertise, our technological offering and our manufacturing capabilities, but it’s our unique design philosophy that has helped us to grow a sustainable and innovative business. We’re known for our collaborative, adaptable approach, led by a team who cares most about our customers’ specific needs.

You could describe us as hands-on partners, who listen to customers, get closer to their challenges and respond to them quickly. In fact, our customers do. That passion for innovation and collaboration started with our founder, Jim Halliday.  

After working in the confectionery industry for many years, including as chief engineer at VanCamp Chocolate, Jim had a unique understanding of the challenges facing manufacturers. His interest in finding better ways of doing things has seen him work across industries all over the world, and his penchant for pushing the boundaries has cemented Jim’s status as a leading confectionary innovator.

By establishing PTL, Jim created a way of working that still exists today – our high-quality machinery still focuses on simplifying operations and improving efficiency. Through adaptability, technical innovation and a love of all things chocolate, PTL is now one of the world’s top bar and chocolate machinery brands.  

During those early years, Jim also brought on people who shared his enthusiasm for innovation and design – like technical director Mike Nevines, who’s been moving our technology forward almost from day one.

Jim passed his passion for chocolate on to his son Nick Halliday. Under Nick’s leadership, PTL continues to find better solutions for all chocolate and bar manufacturing customers.

Research and development that never stops

By consistently working with customers to identify emerging needs in the industry, we’ve developed technology and machinery that make a difference in their productivity and efficiency.

Client success, our success

We’re driven by a core belief: our job isn’t done until your new machinery is running smoothly and you’ve seen significant improvements in production and efficiency.

Friendly folk standing by

Our technical and customer support teams are always available to answer questions and troubleshoot your problems.

Support team and customer support

If you have any questions throughout your journey with PTL, our support crew is at hand. Our knowledgeable team will help with design queries, installation, and production solutions.

Customer focus

We know that better machinery can transform your bottom line, and we have the experience and expertise to do that for you.

PTL team member talking to a client

Our people make the difference

We're set apart by our machinery, design and the service we offer. We couldn't do that without our people.

Our team

PTL team members are technical experts with a passion for creativity and customer service. The way we see it, we’re not successful until our customers achieve their goals.

Our culture

PTL strives to empower a dedicated, creative, and happy work culture. We are passionate about chocolate and our customers, and our expertise can make your goals a reality.


Want to know what makes PTL unique? Our commitment to your business. We don’t sell you what we have, we collaborate and design what you truly need.

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