What we do

PTL specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative chocolate and bar machinery. We know the industry inside & out.

Bar Machinery

For the production of granola, muesli, nut, protein and candy bars. Our product range includes  forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing. 

Chocolate Machinery

For a variety of chocolate-processing functions, including melting, tempering, enrobing, depositing, moulding and cooling. 

Melting Machinery

Designed to continuously melt chocolate, compound, liquor, butter and various fats corresponding to down-stream production rates.  

What it looks like in action

30+ YEARS of collaboration

“PTL was founded with a clear objective: to create high-quality machinery, together with our customers, focused on simplifying operations and improving efficiency”.

Jim Halliday

Founder and Chairman

your consultative partner

Our equipment is designed based on hands on experience and a core focus in the bar and chocolate industries.       We are dedicated to your success!

Here’s what you can expect:

working closely with customers and responding to their needs, with urgency.


We are passionate about the bar and chocolate industries and are here to assist you through every aspect of your project!



The people at the heart of our organisation and the way we do business. Our flexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs – whatever the challenge.

The people at the heart of our organisation and the way we do business. Our flexibility and responsiveness to our customers’ needs – whatever the challenge..

what customers say

Working with PTL is the benchmark for how we expect to work with other vendors. Their biggest standout is their ability to rapidly deal with issues and adjust with changes when needed.”

Steve Egizio

Director of Technical Services, Schulze & Burch

“They are a responsive, proactive and proven solution partner. PTL stands behind their equipment and ensures their customers’ success.”

Thomas Glowczewski

President, Tradition Fine Foods

“PTL are always helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable.”

Robin Peach

Capital Projects Manager, Tasti Foods

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage…………. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.

Fred Grep

Director of Engineering, Hearthside Food Solutions

“The reliability of this line is of paramount importance as it drives 95% of our revenue.”

Ernie Beckman

President, National Foodworks Services

“The sanitary design and build quality of the melter is second-to-none. What’s obvious is the amount of time and thought that has been put into all aspects of the machine.”

Mike Berko

Project Engineer, TruFood Manufacturing


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