Led by our four key values

Customer-centered design

Our success relies on our ability to work alongside our customers, uncovering what they need to succeed. That means transparent, timely communication and collaboration at every stage.

Thought leadership

Our highly skilled team keeps us at the forefront of the industry – and makes sure our customers are too.


From the very start, PTL has done things differently. We don’t accept the status quo, asking instead, “why not?” The result is design that ever-improves.

Responsiveness and technical support

You get direct access to the technical experts who designed your equipment, and if you need support, we’ll get back to you within the same day and generally within a few hours.

Our expertise

With over 30 years of technical innovation, collaboration, and passion for chocolate, PTL has evolved into one of the most trusted and reputable chocolate and bar machinery manufacturers in the world.

Leadership team

We’re passionate advocates of chocolate technology and innovation. Our combined expertise ensures you get results.

Technical and support

You need fast solutions. With 24/7 support, expertise online, and spare parts available in the US – we have you covered.

Sales team

Talk to one of our experts today and learn how PTL machinery can fit your exact business needs.

Our vision

PTL was founded with a clear objective: to create high-quality machinery together with our customers. We innovate so you can make
better bars and chocolate, faster.

Our history

We’ve been making chocolate and bar manufacturing equipment with our global partners for over 30 years. Our focus is on growing our design expertise, our technological offering and our manufacturing capabilities, but it’s our unique design philosophy that has helped us to grow a sustainable and innovative business. We’re known for our collaborative, adaptable approach, led by a team who cares most about our customers’ specific needs. That passion for innovation and collaboration started with our founder, Jim Halliday.

The PTL team

PTL Machinery team members aren’t just technical experts, they’re also creatives. They look at problems in new ways to add innovation to our long-standing history.

Innovation matters

From the start, our business was founded on finding better ways of doing things – innovation that solved real problems for our clients.

Chat with us

Every new improvement starts with understanding what you need to succeed – let’s work together.


Our approach to innovation combines your experience with our expertise – we call it Creating Together.

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Get in touch to discuss anything to do with the bar and chocolate industries.

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