One voice for hygienic equipment design for low moisture food

We would like to share with you a new approach to food safety in manufacturing, and machinery design. In recent years, PTL has been involved in the creation of the OpX One Voice for Hygienic Design document.The purpose of this document is to utilise existing industry standards, guidelines and information to define a process that will allow consumer-packaged goods (CPGs) and original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to reach consensus of design criteria for hygienic equipment for low-moisture-food manufacturing.‍

Remote equipment access

While the technologies enabling remote equipment access have been present for quite some time, adoption has been slow. This is partially attributable to the disparate needs and goals of CPGs’ information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT) functions. More progress has been made in remote monitoring of equipment for predictive maintenance and improved OEE, but for security reasons, less has been made on in-bound troubleshooting, as fear of data breaches and cyber-security risks mount. To help bridge this gap and provide guidance to choices about remote equipment access, the OpX Leadership Networks Remote Equipment Access Solutions Group created this Remote Equipment Access Options Analysis document.

Total cost of ownership

OneVoice Total Cost of Ownership provides a checklist of factors to be considered in determining total cost of ownership, a common vocabulary with which to create effective communications among the involved parties, and a structure for both qualitative and quantitative analysis of Total Cost of Ownership. By utilizing this guide, you can help your company or your customer to make better and more informed investment decisions, utilizing a proven, efficient and effective process developed by your peers at PMMI.

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