Flexible, compact melters for efficient production 

Get more than just high-performance melters. Get direct access to our technical team, designs customized to your space and existing equipment, and an engaged, responsive support team.

PTL melters – boost efficiency and profit

Our uniquely collaborative approach has set us apart in the market for more than thirty years. The result? Melters and servicing that exceeds expectations, whether you need to eliminate bottlenecks in production lines, produce more SKUs or increase your output.

Powerful: 125% higher melt rates

Drive efficiency – the revolutionary design delivers instant melting and continuous process supply to increase downstream production 

Compact: Significantly smaller footprint

Self-contained, portable and compact, your melter can be located next to use point to avoid long pipe runs and without large tanks.

Flexible: changeovers transformed

Add to your SKUs not your downtime with a removable melt grid, washdown design, andexcellent allergen management and fast, simple cleaning.

Let the data speak – excellent ROI

The numbers don’t lie. Use our calculator to find out what ROI you could expect when you switch to PTL melters, delivered through a mix of cost-efficiency, custom design, and smart automation features.

Customer success stories

For us, designing and delivering new machinery isn’t the mark of a successful project – it’s when our clients start seeing the efficiency and profit boosts. Here are just a few of the happy partners we’ve worked with over the years.

Hearthside case study

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage…………. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

Fred Grep
Director of Engineering - Hearthside Food Solutions

"Working with PTL is the benchmark for how we expect to work with other vendors. Their biggest standout is their ability to rapidly deal with issues and adjust with changes when needed."

Steve Egizio
Director of technical services


"The sanitary design and build quality of the melter is second-to-none. What's obvious is the amount of time and thought that has been put into all aspects of the machine."

Mike Berko
Project engineer - Trufood Manufacturing

PTL Commitment & support

Technical support team

Our dedicated support team is known for exceptional communication, response rate, and focus on the specific needs of our customers.

Committed to North America

We're focused on businesses in the US and Canada. That means support when you need it, expertise online, and spare parts delivered fast.

tech support

Ongoing technical support

Whatever’s happening in your business, we’re there to help with ongoing technical support.

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PTL - Creating innovative machinery, together.

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PTL - Creating innovative machinery, together.


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