Published on

June 4, 2020


Nick Halliday

Improving the bottom line is of particular importance for any bar or chocolate production plant.

Getting the most from your production process is essential to improving profitability. In order to improve their return on investment (ROI), multinational brands and co-manufacturers require compact, powerful and efficient equipment that:

  • Save factory floor space
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Offer mobility
  • Minimise allergen cleaning time
  • Provide multi-use changeover functionality

Bar and chocolate processing machinery that offer more flexibility shouldn’t have to compromise power. By saving space and reducing downtime, an investment in efficient process equipment can offer a high output that leads to a much better return on investment (ROI). In the following section, we list some common ways to maximize the ROI from your chocolate equipment:

Getting the most from your production process

The key to getting the most from your production process is to identify any process bottlenecks to target equipment upgrades.

Reduce line bottlenecks

With chocolate production lines there is often a single machine in the system that limits throughput on an entire line, examples include:

  • Preparing or mixing of raw ingredients
  • Melting or coating products
  • Cooling bar products after forming or before coating
  • Cutting bar products to size
  • Packaging

However more than often, the bottlenecks occur with cooling or heating products. With more powerful machines, these processes can be completed faster, keeping up with the rest of production.

It’s important to regularly access and replace or supplement equipment that are causing bottlenecks with more powerful and efficient versions. The increased production output will really make a difference on your bottom line and offer a solid ROI.

Leverage strategic factory floor placement

With a mobile compact melter, the machine can be positioned in a strategic place to reduce the product pipeline length and enable removal for wet cleaning. A well-placed portable machine will have a smaller footprint, keeping overall energy costs lower.

Obtain higher chocolate melt rates

A smaller melter shouldn’t mean lower output. With an efficiently designed continuous melting system, the process can vastly improve your production line by increasing downstream rates resulting in more throughput. In fact, mobile machines can also be used to supplement existing melting equipment, increasing the overall production levels.

PTL’s Melter V20, for example,

features a specialized grid and agitation for a better melt rate (up to 125% higher than previous melters).

Endless production possibilities

There is a lot of competition within the bar and chocolate production industries to increase flavor options and product varieties. With a powerful and adaptable machine, you can switch ingredients over faster to produce multiple SKUs.

Hygienic design, particularly allergen cleanability, is a key concern when you are trying to swap out products for smaller runs while managing downtime.

Our recently launched PTL Melter V20 is a fit-for-purpose melter designed to melt multiple SKUs, manage allergens and minimize downtime.

Invest in equipment power

There is no substitute for raw power when it comes to heating or cooling equipment.

Not all chocolate melting machines are made equally. PTL’s continuous melters are powerful enough to provide a high melt rate. Selecting the correct heat source is a key consideration in the operating costs of the machine. On board electrical heating, gas fired heating or drawing from the plant’s hot water supply should all be compared

Improve ROI with the powerful PTL Melter V20

We are proud to introduce our newest version of our continuous melter. This unique melter is getting a lot of attention from factory owners and engineers because it is compact, flexible and powerful.

  • With up to 72 kilowatts of power, the PTL Melter v20 is going to get the job done.
  • Choose from electric, steam or gas to power the heating
  • Specialized melt grids and agitating technology ensures a higher melt rate.

Designed with used feedback from multinational brands and co-manufacturers in an intensive R&D process – this machine can provide your facility with the ROI you are looking for in your next purchase.

You can schedule a personal 1:1 demo of the melter with the PTL team here.