Bar Former

Forming rollers

Form granola, cereal, protein, rice-crispies, caramel, or confectionery easily with large-diameter stainless steel rollers that can be heated or cooled. Change speeds, temperature, and slab thickness manually or through servo adjustments, with an automatic weigh-scale feature. Adjustable-width hoppers can also be supplied.


Sprinkle slabs with nuts, chocolate chips, or other free-flowing products, using PTL’s easy-control feeding devices. Choose between our belt sprinkler or cavity-roller sprinkler – both come with a cantilever design, making them easy to move around the forming area.


Mix in dry ingredients that have been sprinkled on top of the slab – ideal for ingredients like chocolate chips that can’t be part of the initial mix.

Sizing rollers

Set the height and compaction of the product after forming, manually or with servo height adjustments. They are available in stainless steel and HDPE, in smooth rollers or various profile shapes.

Sizing rollers
Layering machine

Layering rollers

Control the application of caramel, fruit paste, or similar onto product slabs with the roller side up or down. PTL rollers let you make highly accurate adjustments on sheet thickness and can be easily mounted over existing lines. The cooling drum has an inlet and outlet for temperature-controlled
cooling glycol.

Sandwich systems

Made of a former, a wedge bed, and two sizing rollers, the sandwich system is suspended over the forming bed before the cooling tunnel to deliver complex multi-layered slabs. The width and thickness of the first slab are adjusted by two sizing rollers. Then the second is formed on the decline conveyor and automatically placed on top of the first slab. Choose to heat or cool the large-diameter stainless steel rollers and individually vary the speed and temperature. Adjust slab thickness manually or with an optional servo.

Sandwhich system

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