PTL melters to drive efficiency

PTL melters’ revolutionary design delivers efficiency in every aspect of your business, from faster melt times, faster changeovers and easier cleaning to lower wastage and automation to keep costs down. 

Melters: more uptime, more SKUs, more efficiency

Our customized melters are designed to streamline production and deliver exceptional efficiency. That adds up to a huge return on investment.

Powerful: 125% higher melt rates

The revolutionary design delivers instant melting and continuous process supply to increase downstream production without large tanks.

Compact: Significantly smaller footprint

Self-contained and compact, your melter can be located next to use point to avoid long pipe runs.

Flexible: changeovers transformed

Make it easier to switch masses/coatings fast, with a removable met grid, washdown design and fast simple cleaning.

Let the data speak

Our customers get impressive ROI on any investment in PTL equipment. That’s delivered through a mix of cost-efficiency, custom design, and smart automation features. The numbers don’t lie – use our calculator to find out what ROI you could expect when you switch to PTL melters.

PTL machinery customer showcase

Joy Cone

TruFood Mfg

Schulze & Burch



Nat foodworks

Tasti Products

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Our dedicated support team is known for exceptional communication, response rate, and focus on the specific needs of our customers.

Committed to North America

We're focused on businesses in the US and Canada. That means support when you need it, expertise online, and spare parts delivered fast.

tech support

Ongoing technical support

Whatever’s happening in your business, we’re there to help with ongoing technical support.


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PTL - Creating innovative machinery, together.

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PTL - Creating innovative machinery, together.


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