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An introduction to applying hygienic design principles to chocolate and bar manufacturing equipment


Plant engineers in a food manufacturing business, whether consumer packaged goods or co-packers, can be caught in a tough situation. Because the need for hygienic production outcomes is without question something you simply ‘must have’ to be competitive in the food manufacturing business.

At the same time, production targets still remain and drive most engineers’ operational goals. Hygienic equipment design therefore becomes critical. What sort of production equipment will minimize the possibility of contamination from pathogens or allergens, while enabling maximum production capacity through faster cleaning times?

In this eBook we provide an introduction to the subject of hygienic design of food manufacturing equipment – from the factors driving changes, regulatory response and industry requirements, to best practices in terms of equipment design.

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10 hygienic design principles for food manufacturing equipment

As a plant engineer, how do you know manufacturing equipment is designed with hygiene in mind? Since being developed in the early 2000s, the American Meat Institute’s (AMI) principles of hygienic design for food manufacturing equipment in meat and poultry industries have been recognized across other food businesses. These principles are now seen as a good fit for manufacturers of products like chocolate and bars.

These 10 principles are outlined in this ebook.

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