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When NZ food manufacturer Tasti were searching for a local equipment manufacturer, PTL were already on their radar

When NZ food manufacturer Tasti were searching for a local equipment manufacturer, PTL were already on their radar


Although Tasti had sourced equipment from a European supplier, they wanted a local supply option.


What started with a decorator head has led to a range of PTL equipment in Tasti’s manufacturing facility.


The confidence of dealing with a world-class local equipment manufacturer for over 10 years.

“PTL are always helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable.”

– Robin Peach, Capital Projects Manager


Tasti has been a Kiwi success story since 1932. They manufacture a range of products from snack bars and logs to muffin bakes and protein balls. Products are manufactured for their own well-respected brand, as well co-manufactured for private label and other brands. Tasti are recognised for their state of the art manufacturing facilities, high levels of quality and flexible production capabilities.

Based in Auckland, Tasti currently employ 270 people, and their products are distributed throughout New Zealand, Australia and the US.


Tasti’s relationship with PTL goes back more than a decade, when they were first on the hunt for a decorator head. “I’d known Jim Halliday from my previous role with another NZ company,” recalls Capital Projects Manager, Robin Peach. “The food manufacturing industry in New Zealand is relatively small, so you do get to know people in the industry.”

Although Tasti had decorator heads from a European manufacturer, Robin says that he was keen to work with a local supplier. “Price is a motivating factor when you’re considering European-manufactured equipment,” he explains. “It’s good to have a local delivery option, and PTL were already on my radar.”

Those radar blips included not only Robin’s previous relationship with Jim, but also that Tasti had used a co-packer in the US that PTL had supplied equipment for. “They’d requested a solution that PTL had already produced,” says Robin. “It was clear that PTL were able to provide a really fast solution as well as knowledge about the complexities of what we were trying to achieve.”


Tasti’s manufacturing facility now features a wide range of PTL equipment, including enrobers, cooling tunnels, ultra-sonic guillotines, and various tanks and decorating equipment. PTL are one of Tasti’s go-to suppliers. “They’re definitely at the top of my enquiry list when I’m considering new equipment,” Robin says. “The hygienic design of their equipment is superior to any of their larger competitors, and everything they produce is designed with quality in mind.”

When it comes to dealing with complex challenges and support issues, Robin’s opinion is unequivocal. “They’re great – they’re excellent, actually,” he enthuses. “They’re always helpful and responsive, and very knowledgeable.”


Robin has no hesitation in recommending PTL to other food manufacturing businesses, locally and overseas. He notes that PTL is competing successfully in the global market, despite it being a very tough, competitive environment. Their ability to thrive on the world’s stage instils confidence. “I would definitely recommend other businesses give PTL the opportunity of offering a solution,” he says. “They shouldn’t be put off by the fact that they’re down here at the bottom of the world, because they’re more than capable of meeting that geographic challenge, and they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.”

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