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January 16, 2024


Nick Halliday

Beat seasonal demand with agile manufacturing  

From heart-shaped candy in February to festive chocolates in December, the chocolate industry will always face major rushes. For manufacturers, these fluctuations require more than culinary prowess – they demand a strategic approach by adopting more agile manufacturing.  

PTL has always had a keen focus on designing machinery that’s extremely adaptable, efficient, and flexible. From modular and customizable equipment to precision enrobing and operator-friendly processes, PTL’s features let you stay competitive in the dynamic and ever-changing demand for seasonal treats.

What is agile manufacturing?  

Agile manufacturing is a flexible and adaptive approach to production that allows you to respond quickly to changing market demands. Using agile machinery and processes, chocolate manufacturers can easily customize their production lines to churn out seasonal bar flavours, summer snacks, and holiday chocolates.  

How PTL machinery keeps you agile

When you have a sales spike coming or want to make the most of the season, you need agile manufacturing to add variety and volume without sacrificing efficiency or product quality. Here’s how PTL machinery makes that simple.:

  • Flexibility for diverse SKUs

Swift and efficient cleaning processes let you seamlessly switch between different seasonal SKUs without the risk of cross-contamination. By adopting easy-to-clean machinery, you’re better prepared to keep up with hygiene practices, safeguard your brand reputation, and handle seasonal production.  

  • Compact design maximizing space

PTL prioritizes compact design so you can make the most of your space. For example, PTL’s V20 melter is portable and self-contained, occupying less than half the footprint of traditional melt tanks. It future-proofs production, integrates with existing lines easily, and lets you add SKUs without increasing your floor space or hard costs.

  • High-performance and continuous melting

PTL’s continuous melting capability operates through precision-controlled heating systems, using large-diameter stainless steel rollers to melt chocolate or confectionery ingredients consistently. This gives a steady and regulated flow of melted chocolate, which is then integrated with downstream production. Our melters can be adjusted for speed, temperature, and slab thickness, adding flexibility for seasonal variations.  

  • Get downtime way down  

The PTL enrober, like all our equipment, has a streamlined cleaning process that allows swift SKU changes without cross-contamination concerns. The tool-less design lets operators effortlessly disassemble, adjust, change over, or maintain components – no need to find an engineer or a toolbox. Plus, the swappable parts and modular design mean changeovers are even faster. If you have a second component, you can wheel out one for washdown, replace it with the other, and get the line back up and running within 15 minutes.  

  • Modular and customizable equipment

PTL works with you to create tailored equipment setups for your unique seasonal production goals. Whether you need to modify recipes, adjust slab thickness, work around a small site, make better use of your existing lines, or experiment with seasonal ingredients, customization is key for staying ahead in the dynamic chocolate market.

  • Operator-friendly processes  

Designed to focus on user-friendliness, PTL machines reduce the reliance on specialized labor and allow faster staff training. The intuitive interfaces and streamlined operational procedures let operators efficiently navigate machinery, quickly adapting to seasonal production needs. This operator-centric approach contributes significantly to the overall agility and responsiveness of chocolate manufacturing processes.

Make the most of seasonal frenzies

As the seasons change, so does the demand for delectable chocolates. By embracing adaptability, optimizing changeovers, and staying attuned to customer preferences, chocolate manufacturers using PTL machinery can turn every seasonal rush into a sweet success.

Want to become more agile? Get in touch with the team at PTL today.