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November 22, 2019


Nick Halliday

Bar machinery designed to address your pain points

As a food manufacturer or co-manufacturing operation, absolute consistency is what you want from your bar production. When it comes to buying bar line equipment, you need something to meet your specific needs.

Barline machinery shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. An ‘off the shelf’ barline won’t have the flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of a food processing facility. Every company has different requirements, meaning the equipment they use should be able to change to fit those requirements, not the other way around.

That’s why PTL offers barline machinery that’s modular, flexible and hygienic. We also focus on waste reduction capabilities while gaining production efficiencies.

PTL’s bar machinery offers the full process section of the line:

Forming, compression, sprinkling, multi-layering, cooling, cutting and enrobing. From full production lines to individual machines, PTL can design a tailored solution for a facility’s specific needs, including:

  • Forming – rollers, sprinklers, pickers, and sandwich systems
  • Cooling – tunnels and belt washers
  • Cutting – slitters, spreaders and guillotines
  • Enrobing – enrobers, melters, temperers and sieve systems

What sets PTL apart is a collaborative approach.

We know the industry inside and out, and from the beginning we work together with our customers to meet and solve their specific challenges. We view it as essential to understand your business and equipment needs, and from your first contact with us, we make sure you’re an integral part of the process, which start with an introduction to your project team, who you’ll work with throughout to make sure the solution we design is tailored specifically for you. The steps they take you through are:

  • Confirmation of scope, timeline and milestones
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT)
  • Installation and commissioning by PTL technicians
  • Ongoing support and direct access to the technical team

Throughout the process, our technical team maintains an open communication channel. For us, it’s essential that you’re fully involved because then we can be sure the solution you’re getting is exactly what you need.

Once installed in your facility, the unique design of PTL equipment will help with your performance efficiency. Our bar line machinery and equipment includes features that reduce and even eliminate waste that is often typical in the bar manufacturing process. This means dollar savings and that there’s less likelihood of waste products building up to compromise hygiene. For example, the cutting feature has slitter side tracking, which minimises or eliminates side trim.

In terms of production output, our bar machinery includes features that improve that output; specifically cleaning reduction, changeover reduction and end product accuracy, again resulting in increased uptime and dollar savings.

The equipment is also designed with hygiene in mind.

We understand that hygiene is an over-arching, all-important element when it comes to food processing, and it’s a vital governing factor in how we design and build bar line equipment. Anything we design and build minimises or eliminates bacterial build-up. Our attention to detail ensures that, if properly cleaned, contamination is eliminated. The materials we use to build the equipment meet allergen standards on a consistent basis, and we offer fast and easy changeovers and wash-down options.

Our equipment is backed up with technical expertise and support; it’s part of our core offering. We provide direct access to the expertise you need, and we’re highly responsive. But don’t just take our word for it; here’s what Fred Grep, Director of Engineering for Hearthside Food Solutions had to say about us:

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage. By being open to our modifications and design change requests, we can create superior solutions for customers and gain increased flexibility in our operations. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

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We believe firmly in a collaborative approach, and are committed to innovation when it comes to equipment design. We’re here to assist you through every aspect of your project, ensuring your food production facility is using the highest quality equipment possible.

You can find out more about our bar machinery here. Or, just drop us a line to start a discussion.