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April 16, 2020


Nick Halliday

A tool to calculate the financial returns possible when you invest in new equipment for your facility.

Chocolate and bar manufacturing equipment is not one-size-fits-all. PTL’s philosophy is to work with our clients’ individual needs to create innovative equipment solutions.

We believe it’s important to outfit your facility with equipment that has the flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. Not only that, but in our highly competitive industry, it’s essential to be using equipment that will help you gain an edge, while adhering to food safety regulations.

Achieving this takes money, and justifying investment in our industry of tight margins requires building a business case. You need to prove to your stakeholders the dollar value of investing in that new machinery, as well as provide a detailed justification of why the investment will ultimately benefit your business and its profitability.

To help, PTL have developed a new calculator to determine the financial value you can expect to achieve when investing in new equipment. We’ve also created an accompanying guide to help you understand not only the return on investment, but how to use the results to justify outlaying for new equipment and machinery.

The guide covers four key areas:

1. The benefits of investing in new equipment or upgrades – from hygiene and safety to maximizing production and efficiency, there are manifold benefits to ensuring your facility is equipped with the latest technology.

2. Calculating the return on investment (ROI) – the ROI calculator has been built using industry studies and our own extensive experience with our existing customer base. The guide outlines how to use the calculator, so that you can estimate how many months it would take to recoup the investment through the potential increase in bar production and profit and possible reduction in labor costs.

3. Making smart equipment investment decisions – it’s key to outfit your food manufacturing facility with customized solutions that meet individual business needs as well as give your company the competitive edge needed to stay relevant in a constantly evolving industry.

4. Customized chocolate and bar machinery – a look at how PTL uses a collaborative approach to understand your business and equipment needs. From your first contact with us, we make sure you’re an integral part of the process.

Remaining competitive in the industry is not about running the cheapest operation possible. As a chocolate or bar manufacturer, maintaining a good reputation is critical, and if your products have been created using innovative machinery and equipment, that has a big impact on your ROI.

This guide and our accompanying ROI calculator provide a very clear picture of the value you can typically expect when investing in new and upgraded equipment.

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