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November 16, 2022


Nick Halliday

While other engineering companies make standardized equipment and require clients to change the way they work, we do the opposite. Starting with our base designs, we build each machine to suit each client’s needs and existing equipment. The way we install it is equally tailored.

Hands-on from start to finish

Most commonly, machinery companies will have designers, engineers and installers who hardly talk to one another. Designs appear in the machine shop, machines are sent out, and one person may fly around the world installing them. While this can be efficient for the company, it isn't so great for the clients. Installers are learning about new features on the fly, so training isn't seamless. Meanwhile, any issues with the installation that come up have to be sent back to HQ to solve, which can derail timelines.

That's why PTL does it differently.

Real-world expertise

The people who install our machines are the ones who build them. And they've been involved in the project from the start, with a clear idea of what the client wants to achieve. After the scope is detailed, the lead engineer comes in again to contribute practical, real-world expertise, and is also involved in the procurement phase. This supervision means that when the equipment arrives on-site, there is no guesswork. We take full accountability for fit, effectiveness and quality.  

The difference is in the details

Dion Metcalfe, Project Director at PTL has experienced both ways of doing things first-hand. During the last two decades Dion has worked with some of the biggest CPG companies in North America. His experience was predominantly in the engineering field around disruptive technologies but also supply chain from an operations perspective. He's seen how PTL's hands-on approach benefits customers.

Higher quality engineering and smoother installs

PTL’s higher-quality engineering comes from our oversight and accountability.  

Dion says, "It's like a tableside chef – if they're cooking in front of you, they'll take pride in how it's cooked and presented. The engineers also know what the customer is trying to achieve before they build it – what they need in terms of quality, product and specs. In fact, they might be more aware of that than the customer," says Dion.

Dion notes that complete oversight also means installs always go smoothly. "When you go to the site, you're accountable for getting it right. If you're unpacking the machines and working with the documentation, you'll go the extra mile to make sure those are on point."

It’s feedback we’ve had from many other clients too. For Jeff Hull, Director of Research & Development at Joycone, the care PTL took really showed in the smoothness of the install – even with the complexity of installing new equipment into the middle of an existing line.

“PTL really worked well with our engineering team, sharing the equipment drawings and doing 3-D modelling,” says Jeff. “One of the reasons the physical installation went so well was the collaboration between our engineering team and PTL – they spent a lot of time upfront doing the modelling so that problems could be avoided.”

Better, more in-depth training

Dion says the intimate knowledge the engineers develop during the build means they can offer more in-depth training. "That gets people up to speed faster, so there's less downtime – you can get value from your new equipment sooner."

Jeff Hull’s experiences mirror this, despite covid limiting travel

“Emails, WhatsApp, Zoom – they communicated with us through several methods,” Jeff explains. “It worked great for us. Any questions we had, they were on to it.”

Constant improvements

The engineers get to see the machinery working in a real-world setting. Dion says that creates invaluable feedback, so engineers can bring insights and ideas back to the design and production teams, ensuring PTLs machinery is continually refined. Dion explains, "For the client, it also means any issues or clarifications can be handled immediately – they’re not handed off."

Client focussed

Dion has been in our client's shoes, and he was so impressed with how we do things that he now works for PTL. "I was the client. That's why I know they do things differently. The knowledge they bring to the site is unmatched. What they've got is fantastic."

-Joycone’s install is testament to that.

“It was a great experience,” Jeff says. “The quality of the equipment is superior, as was the support.”