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July 11, 2018


Nick Halliday


2018 was a special year for PTL, it was our 30th anniversary.

Having worked in the confectionery industry before founding ptl, Jim Halliday had a unique understanding of the challenges facing manufacturers. ptl’s earliest goal was to create to create high-quality machinery focused on simplifying operations and improving efficiency.

The industry has changed a lot in 30 years and we believe its been our people and our willingness to listen and adapt that has allowed us to progress to be an industry leader in bar and chocolate machinery.

Now under the leadership of second-generation family member, Nick Halliday ptl is well positioned to service the needs of our customers.

We look to a future focused on automation, efficiencies and hygienic practices and are well resourced and skilled to provide innovative product, expert advice, and responsive services to the industry.

We’d like to thank our customers and suppliers for their continued support and we look forward to working closely over the next 30 years.


The past 30 years:

A bit of background on my chocolate experience.

I moved to NZ around 37 years ago with my wife Mary and my two sons Daniel, and Nick, after spending a few months with small engineering companies.

I was fortunate to find a position with Van Camp Chocolates in Auckland as Chief Engineer.

This was my first experience in the chocolate industry.

Van Camp allowed me to modify existing equipment, and finally build new equipment.

The last was a complex moulding line; I designed the complete line on a drawing board with tracing paper and a pencil.

It had three one-shot depositors, two decorators, a mould handling system with a large cooling tunnel, it also had a cream delivery system for 12 different cream centers.

This line incorporated a patented system in which I am co-named. It was an advanced system for that time around 31 years ago, it automatically packed the product with the patented system into vacuum formed trays, eliminating packing. Until quite recently this plant was still in production.

I was with Van Camp for almost seven years until a multinational purchased them, I was a casualty of the takeover and was made redundant during the first few weeks of the take-over, with the facility being moved to another city in New Zealand, very disappointing to say the least.

During my time at Van Camp I was very fortunate to be involved in every aspect of the chocolate business from bean roasting, winnowing, refining, enrobing, moulding, cooling, and packing, etc.

I developed a passion for chocolate not only eating it but being involved in the manufacturing process.

On leaving Van Camp Chocolates I set up Production Techniques 30 years ago on 20th June 1988 in my home garage, the outcome was that within a year I obtained a large order for a very complex moulding plant for a company located in Washington USA, on receiving this large value order it necessitated that I change to a limited company structure, Production Techniques Limited, or ptl as it is known today.

Key long-term staff that have been influential at PTL:

Mike Nevines started at PTL on 1st June 1993 Mike brought with him a lot of skills, common sense, and enthusiasm all of which have been extremely beneficial to PTL over the last 25 years, Mike is now PTL Technical director.

Warwick Smith started at PTL on 8th July 1995, over the years we have witnessed Warwick’s skill set increase moving through the business where he began as an apprentice, to where he is today, head of design.

Nick Halliday, my youngest son, joined PTL in 2006 with Nicks sales and marketing expertise along with six years spent in the USA, Nick is now the Managing Director of PTL.

PTL commenced with chocolate moulding, and the business grew from there. At PTL we are now building large processing lines for both snack bar and chocolate products.

We have a talented team comprised of sales, design, automation, assembly, site installation, service, and support.

Our team is dedicated to providing superior product and service to our customers and sharing our passion for chocolate and bars.

Thank you for your valued business over the last 30 years and we look forward to a continued partnership.

Kind Regards

Jim Halliday