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September 17, 2020


Nick Halliday

In August 2020, we launched the new PTL Melter V20

The result of extensive R&D, the V20 is the latest generation in a melter range we’ve been developing and building since 1994. By fusing the latest design technology with decades of practical industry experience each iteration of PTL Melters have evolved to better meet customer needs and regulatory requirements.

The V20 marks our most significant and innovative advancement so far, focused around increasing melt rate, decreasing footprint, and maximising flexibility.

Powerful, flexible and compact, the V20 increases melt rate by up to 125 percent, while decreasing footprint by up to 45 percent. Large melt rates are achieved by maximizing the product contact surface area, and optimizing water flow through the melt grid.

Using flow simulation software (CFD) the melt grid has been designed to provide even, high velocity flow through each tube to maximize the heat transfer coefficient.

The V20 also features a unique grid agitator, which dramatically increases the melt rate of wafers and buttons.

The heating power can be scaled to meet your production requirements – up to 72kW (245,000 BTU/hr) as standard or even more if required.

The modular heating system design means the power source can be tailored to site specific needs, options include self-contained electric elements, plant hot water supply and gas fired boilers.

The V20 also boasts significant sanitation improvements:

  • The melt grid is easily removable, allowing full access to the interior for cleaning or change-overs
  • Simple, tool-less removal of the stirrer motor allows complete removal of seal cartridges for easy allergen cleaning
  • The machine is designed to be fully washed down with waterproof components and sloped surfaces for water run-off

Watch this recording of the live launch event highlights, and get an exclusive look at the PTL Melter V20: