PTL bar machinery to drive efficiency

PTL bar machinery is designed to deliver efficiency in every aspect of your business, from faster changeovers and easier cleaning to lower wastage and automation to keep staff costs down.

Bar machinery: more uptime, less down time, minimal errors

Our uniquely collaborative design process and engaged support team deliver best-fit machinery, streamlined production, and exceptional day-to-day efficiency. That adds up to a huge return on investment. Here’s how our machinery can deliver that.

Minimal need for retrofitting, fixes, or replacement

Our collaborative approach, combined with three decades of experience, produces machinery that is ideally fit for purpose – whether you’re looking for cereal bar, health bar, protein bar or granola bar manufacturing. That doesn’t just create robust equipment that needs less maintenance, replacements, or fixes, but reduces the need for expensive retrofitting – it’s always designed to suit your space and existing line.

Minimized downtimes

In manufacturing, up-time is profit time. That’s why we design and produce our bar machinery to keep downtimes to an absolute minimum. Clever designs make it fast and easy to clean, maintain, and make small size adjustments. Plastic-coated rollers keep syrup build-up low, while machine numbering of parts simplifies assembly after sanitization. Our responsive support team is also there when you need them to help troubleshoot any issues.

Automation to keep man-hours down

Keeping operator hours low is a core part of cost minimization. PTL bar machinery makes that easier with automatic monitoring, control and process tracking, all accessed on large touch-screen displays

Reduced errors and waste

Each of our modules includes clever features designed to reduce or eliminate waste and errors. For example, slitter sidetracking minimizes or eliminates edge trim. Saved key process parameters for each recipe also speed up changeovers, while reducing errors and waste.

Let the data speak – excellent ROI

Our customers get impressive ROI on any investment in PTL equipment. That’s delivered through a mix of cost-efficiency, custom design, and smart automation features.

The numbers don’t lie – use our calculator to find out what ROI you could expect when you switch to PTL bar machinery.

PTL Bar Machinery customer showcase

Joy Cone

TruFood Mfg

Schulze & Burch



Nat foodworks

Tasti Products

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PTL - Creating innovative machinery, together.


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