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ROI Calculator

A tool to help you calculate the financial savings possible when you install new equipment in your facility.

Justifying the dollar value of investing in new machinery

When you’re presenting a business case to your stakeholders on why there’s a need to invest in new equipment and machinery, one of the first things they’ll want to know is – what’s the return on investment?

In order to comply with regulations, ensure maximum production and efficiency, and gain a competitive edge, the machinery and equipment you invest in is essential. And these form a part of the ROI, but you’re still going to be asked to present some figures.

Not always an easy task is it? So we’ve developed a new calculator that will help you to crunch the numbers. It’s based on both industry studies and experience with our existing client base, and it will help you determine the financial value you can expect to achieve when investing in new equipment.

Specifically, the ROI calculator will estimate:

  • Payback in months
  • Increased bar production per month
  • Increased bar production profit per month
  • Reduced labor costs per month

In order to make this task as easy and as simple as possible, we’ve also created a guide to help you use the calculator. It covers:

  • The benefits of equipment upgrades
  • The financial value of equipment investment
  • How to use the calculator
  • Making smart equipment decisions

Remaining competitive in the industry is not about running the cheapest operation possible. As a food manufacturer, maintaining a good reputation is critical, and if your products have been created using innovative machinery and equipment, that has a big effect on your ROI.

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