Creating Innovative Machinery, Together.

Bar machinery


PTL bar manufacturing machinery is designed to deliver efficiency in every aspect, from faster changeovers and easier cleaning to lower wastage and automation.
Forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing equipment for granola, muesli, nut, protein and candy bars. 

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Modular bar manufacturing 
equipment and full processing lines

Bar lines customized to your space and existing equipment, direct access to our technical teams, and engaged, responsive support.

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Bar Machinery
Over 30 years of clever refinements across our forming, cooling, cutting, and enrobing bar machinery deliver simpler and more streamlined production of granola, muesli, nut, protein, and candy bars.
  • Bar Machinery / Forming

Forming machinery - for any SKU

  • Form (sheet), size, layer, and sprinkle bars of almost any size with our wide range of modular components, easily integrated with existing lines
  • Forming rollers
  • Sprinklers
  • Pickers
  • Sizing rollers
  • Layering rollers
  • Sandwich systems
  • Bar Machinery / Cooling

Cooling Tunnels - setting new hygiene standards

  • Offering the latest in hygienic design, PTL cooling tunnels allow easy access to the hoods, beds, drive, and evaporator (coils) sections. This enables fast, simple, thorough cleaning and drying
  • Slab cooling tunnels
  • Chocolate and compound cooling tunnels
  • Belt washers
  • Bar Machinery / Cutting

Cutting machinery - reduce waste and downtime

  • Slit, spread, and guillotine bars to length while minimizing – or eliminating – waste. Plus, the modular cutting components mean fast changeovers to reduce downtime
  • Slitters
  • Spreaders
  • Guillotines
  • Bar machinery / Enrobing

Enrobing machinery - accuracy and speed

  • Designed to ensure each product comes off the line perfectly uniform. The removable wire web and reservoir also allow lightning-fast changeovers and cleaning
  • Enrobers
  • Melters
  • Cooling tunnels

Let the data speak – excellent ROI

Our customers get impressive ROI on any investment in PTL equipment. That’s delivered through a mix of cost-efficiency, custom design, and smart automation features. The numbers don’t lie – use our calculator to find out what ROI you could expect when you switch to PTL bar machinery.


16 inch

24 inch

36 inch

Our bar machinery and full bar lines are modular and can be adapted to suit your existing space, lines, and workflows.  We can create machinery to suit any barline size, but our most common slab widths are 16”, 24”, and 36”.

  • What our customers say

“PTL’s equipment and approach to customer service enables us to create a competitive advantage. By being open to our modifications and design change requests, we can create superior solutions for customers and gain increased flexibility in our operations. Their equipment reliability and exceptional sanitary design are outstanding.”

Fred Grep
Director of Engineering, Hearthside Food solutions

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About PTL

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  • Creating Innovative Machinery, Together.

Customer centred design

Our success relies on our ability to work alongside our customers, uncovering what they need to succeed. That means transparent, timely communication and collaboration at every stage.


From the very start, PTL has done things differently. We don’t accept the status quo, asking instead, “why not?” The result is design that ever-improves.

Responsiveness and technical support

You get direct access to the technical experts who designed your equipment, and if you need support, we’ll get back to you within the same day and generally within a few hours.


Our expertise and passion for bars and chocolate mean fast, innovative solutions for your manufacturing plant.
We’ve grown a sustainable, cutting-edge company over 30 years. How? By listening to you.
Our approach to design and manufacturing focuses on what you need, then adapting our methods to make it work.